Day to Day Management, for example:

  1. Administrative Support
    • Inbox and calendar management
    • Meeting preparation and booking
    • Audio transcription and copy typing
    • Updating spreadsheets, creating documents, editing, proofreading, and formatting
  2. Travel and Event Coordination
    • Arranging travel, including research and booking
    • Event management, including planning, sourcing venues, and coordinating webinars/online events
  3. Financial Management
    • Creating, sending, and following up on invoices
  4. Digital Content Creation
    • Managing social media accounts
    • Creating Canva images
  5. Research and Development
    • Researching suppliers and new leads

Lifestyle Management, for example:

  1. Event and Travel Coordination
    • Planning events such as birthday parties and weddings
    • Researching and booking travel and holidays
    • Restaurant bookings
  2. Personal Administration
    • Social diary management and appointment bookings
    • Letter and CV writing
    • Sourcing and ordering gifts and cards
  3. Research and Sourcing
    • Online research for various needs
    • Sourcing contractors for services


  • By the hour – £30 per hour. Flexible support as and when you need it.
  • Retainer – £28 per hour paid in advance starting from a minimum of 5 hours per month. Prioritized hours for regular support paid in advance. A retainer package gives you a pre-paid, fixed amount of hours per month to be used as needed. This allows you to budget monthly without any surprise costs. Packages do not carry over from month to month.

Other Packages available