Exploring Your Keyboard: A Simple Guide to the F Keys

Have you ever looked at your keyboard and wondered what those F keys at the top actually do? Well, wonder no more! In this post, I’ll unravel the mystery behind these often-overlooked function keys.

What is a Time Audit?

My video below explains what a time audit is. You can download my free Time Audit template here.


AI Guidance for Judicial Office Holders – December 2023

Ever wondered how judges and court staff are handling the AI wave? Well, the new AI Guidance for Judicial Office Holders was issued on 12th December 2023.

Here’s the basics:

1. AI 101: It’s all about getting the judges up to speed on AI – what it can and can’t do.
2. Keep It Confidential: Big reminder on keeping sensitive info safe when using AI tools.
3. Check Yourself: Judges need to double-check what AI tells them. No blind trust here!
4. Bias Be Gone: It’s a heads-up to watch out for any sneaky biases in AI responses.
5. Safety First: Use secure work devices and emails for AI tools.
6. It’s On You: Judges and their teams are on the hook to make sure AI stuff is legit.
7. Know Your AI: They’re keeping an eye on how lawyers and clients use AI too.

A Word of Caution: AI isn’t perfect! It’s not the be-all-end-all for legal research and decisions.